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#23424 Verbatim tag fails to render curly braces assigned mountainpaul Bug master Normal
#20648 Template variable and loss of precision new nobody Bug master Normal
#20423 Template renderer does not parse numeric variables assigned iapain Bug master Normal
#9762 template filter |date:"r" not valid RFC 2822 formatted when LANGUAGE_CODE different than english new kgrandis Bug master Normal
#22232 Template extends tag can cause recursion assigned darkryder Bug 1.6 Normal
#24199 string_if_invalid doesn't provide information in many cases new nobody Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#17664 Smart `if` tag silencing exceptions plus `QuerySet` caching equals buggy behaviour. new nobody Bug master Normal
#20122 Pluralize filter sometimes returns singular form instead of an empty string for invalid inputs assigned littlepig Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#6237 PicklingError: Can't pickle <class 'django.template.SimpleNode'>: attribute lookup django.template.SimpleNode failed new nobody Bug master Normal
#23441 Maximum recursion depth exceeded when using custom `inclusion_tag` with recursion in templates and `django.template.loaders.cached.Loader` new nobody Bug 1.7 Normal
#10107 mark_safe and mark_for_escaping as decorators new matehat New feature 1.0 Normal
#15053 Make templates more reusable by Improving template loading algorithm to avoid extending infinite recursion assigned unaizalakain New feature master Normal
#9757 Make IfNode a baseclass for other if nodes to subclass new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.0 Normal
#18105 Investigate possible misuse of Context new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.4 Normal
#6135 Introduce a short-cut for template filters that has needs_autoescape = True new nobody New feature master Normal
#21065 Internally choosing how to process a template is inconsistent new nobody Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#20601 intcomma and floatformat internationalization error new New feature 1.5 Normal
#12212 inclusion_tag behavior on variable not in context is inconsistent new Bug master Normal
#20995 {% include %} uses get_template where it could select_template assigned amberdoctor New feature master Normal
#24374 IncludeNode should use Template._render rather than Template.render new nobody Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#23516 ifchanged no longer works within an included template new nobody Bug 1.7 Normal
#20434 Have a template tag grammar instead of handling token/parser for every tag, and make it possible to introspect the grammar. assigned jonathanslenders New feature Normal
#12199 Give 'firstof' tag ability to assign result to context new nobody New feature master Normal
#9093 Extend inclusion tag syntax to allow custom templates new nobody New feature 1.0 Normal
#23952 Don't run all template tests with TEMPLATE_STRING_IF_INVALID='INVALID' new nobody Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#17085 Deprecate "add_to_builtins" and turn builtins into a property of Engine new nobody New feature master Normal
#23714 `date` filter raises an exception for naive datetimes during DST change new Bug 1.7 Normal
#5865 cycle template tag should accept a single argument new munhitsu New feature master Normal
#5908 Cycle tag should reset after it steps out of scope(?) new nobody Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#2539 Custom tags and filters can be restricted by namespace new New feature Normal
#9173 Conditional content of template blocks new nobody New feature master Normal
#6378 Capture arbitrary output as a template variable new carljm New feature master Normal
#22086 Building of template nodelist inside cache blocks new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.6 Normal
#20287 BaseContext (and it's subclasses) lack emulation of dictionary items() assigned cannona New feature master Normal
#24119 Backend-agnostic tracebacks on template rendering errors new nobody Bug master Normal
#24120 Backend-agnostic debug information on template loading failures new nobody Bug master Normal
#12772 Allow loading template tags by fully qualified python module path assigned patrys New feature 1.2-beta Normal
#19966 Allow for silent or conditional loading of custom template tags new nobody New feature 1.5 Normal
#13841 Allow context processors access to current version of context assigned copelco New feature master Normal
#21695 Allow blocktrans to set a context variable new nobody New feature 1.6 Normal
#21772 additional context for included templates can override current context new nobody Bug 1.6 Normal
#13910 Add generator version of Template.render(Context) assigned mindsocket New feature master Normal
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