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#21039 Support Postgres "CREATE INDEX CONCURRENTLY" in migrations new New feature master
#22608 Migrations optimizer slow (due to double working?) new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#22761 Migrating from an auto to natural key with foreign model and 'to' FK new nobody Bug 1.7
#22997 Migration fails when removing explicit primary key (Postgres) new nobody Bug 1.7
#23034 Add migrations support for adding ManyToMany "through" model assigned Marten Kenbeek New feature master
#23273 MigrationRecorder does not obey db_router allow_migrate rules new nobody Bug master
#23337 CircularDependencyError when squashing migrations new nobody Bug master
#23408 Add makemigrations warning for unique fields with callable defaults new nobody New feature master
#23521 removal of concrete Model from bases doesn't remove it from ModelState bases new Bug 1.7
#23577 Rename operations should rename indexes, constraints, sequences and triggers named after their former value new Bug master
#23740 Cannot drop unique_together constraint on a single field with its own unique=True constraint new nobody Bug 1.7
#23916 makemigrations does not detect/like model name case changes new nobody Bug 1.7
#23953 makemigrations generates "wrong" numbered migration file if squashed migrations are in place assigned Sergey Cleanup/optimization 1.7
#23996 Allow AlterOrderWithRespectTo to order existing data new New feature master
#24157 Prompt to add a new field after renaming new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.7
#24182 Document or improve limitations for doing queries in field defaults new nobody New feature master
#24203 Optimisation: adding multiple fields to same model should attempt to run single ALTER TABLE statement new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#24260 Add migration support for logical field renames new nobody New feature 1.7
#24363 Combine ALTER TABLE .. MODIFY statements for multiple columns into one statement. assigned ambivalentno New feature 1.7
#24407 Initial migration fails if app name has upper-case letters on Oracle new nobody Bug 1.7
#24424 Removing a model's last field results in SQL syntax error new Bug 1.7
#24470 Serialization of base classes is not customizable for migrations new nobody New feature 1.7
#24506 Migrations are crashing after changing foreign key from auth.Group model to a proxy model of auth.Group new Marco Fucci Bug 1.8
#24529 Allow double squashing of migrations new nobody New feature master
#24533 Changing an AutoField into an IntegerField leaks the sequence on PostgreSQL new nobody Bug 1.7
#24559 MigrationLoader.load_disk ImportError handling differs under py3/pypy vs py2 new nobody Bug master
#24572 Migration plan may be broken when applying migrations on a clean database new nobody Bug master
#24648 Model fields that reference settings that differ between dev and prod trigger the autodetector new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.8
#24669 Migrations should only be marked as run on "their" db new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.7
#24686 Support for Moving a model between two Django apps new nobody New feature master
#24723 Migration writer errors should be more informative new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#24778 Data Migration from Fixture assigned Victor New feature master
#24800 Add logging of applied/unapplied migrations assigned Markus Holtermann New feature master
#24849 Broken squashmigration when model related to another one gets deleted new nobody Bug 1.8
#24870 Create --update flag for makemigrations management command, mimicking South's one. new nobody New feature master
#24900 KeyError when trying to migrate to a replaced migration new nobody Bug 1.8
#24901 makemigrations should create empty migrations dir for any installed app without it new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#24964 Infinite migrations with empty help_text via ugettext_lazy assigned Andriy Sokolovskiy Bug 1.8
#25012 Migration doesn't seem to detect foreignKey type changes new nobody Bug master
#25068 Metaclass conflict when doing createmigrations in ModelState.render new nobody Bug 1.8
#25105 Migrating multiple CharFields to null=False breaks on PostgreSQL new nobody Bug 1.8
#25154 In the event of a failure, make migrations output the operation that failed new nobody New feature master
#25247 makemigrations unable to generate necessary migration for making a superclass abstract new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.8
#25250 Better Indication of Squash Migration State in showmigrations new nobody New feature master
#25253 MySQL migrations drop & recreate constraints unnecessarily when changing attributes that don't affect the schema assigned Shun Yu Cleanup/optimization 1.8
#25255 Squashed migration is not marked as unapplied new nobody Bug 1.8
#25370 Error display when makemigrations' field serializing fails with ValueError assigned Adam Cleanup/optimization master
#25540 Reusing databases doesn't work on PostgreSQL for migrations tests new nobody Bug master
#25678 migrate scalar to array field in PostrgreSQL fails new nobody Bug master
#25866 Django migrations not picking up max_length change on FileField new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.7
#25884 migrate --run-syncdb doesn't work when specifying a database new nobody Bug 1.9
#26099 Add a warning about import conflicts when auto-generating migrations assigned Alexey Kotlyarov Cleanup/optimization 1.8
#26149 Invalid migration generated when using order_with_respect_to and a unique_together constraint assigned anabelensc Bug 1.9
#26180 Altering unique_together still sometimes missing deleted fields assigned Akshesh Doshi Bug 1.9
#26223 Squashing migrations with preserve_default=False keeps the default assigned Vytis Banaitis Bug master
#26399 Refactor SchemaEditor to facilitate Firebird handlings of column defaults new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#26407 Investigate applying transitive reduction to migration graph. new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#26488 migrate crashes when renaming a multi-table inheritance base model new nobody Bug master
#26624 Error when running sqlmigrate after dropping index (of index_together) without actually migrating new <default> Bug master
#26683 Oracle DBs: Add option to use VARCHAR2 data type new nobody New feature 1.9
#26720 migration optimizer can produce operations that references removed models under certain circumstances new Bug master
#26739 Backward operation for RemoveField does not allow a default value in case the field is not null. assigned Markus Holtermann Bug master
#26760 Delete nonexistent migrations from django_migrations table new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#26769 Expose verbosity level in migrations new nobody New feature 1.9
#26906 Factor out an AlterFooTogether operation from AlterUnique/IndexTogether assigned Akshesh Doshi Cleanup/optimization master
#27064 Implement RenameIndex in a backwards compatible way new nobody New feature master
#27141 makemigrations fails with PermissionDenied on django_migrations new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.10
#27319 Circular ForeignKeys between two unmanaged models produce incomplete migrations new nobody Bug 1.10
#27338 Running an AlterField to change a CharField primary key to AutoField crashes new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#27339 Adding an AutoField prompts for a default which creates a broken migration new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#27417 Migration to change model field case crashes on Oracle assigned Zach Zundel Bug 1.9
#27708 Relation between tables in different schemas with big names new nobody Bug master
#27731 Squashmigrations doesn't optimize AlterField related_name across AlterUniqueTogether/AlterIndexTogether assigned Andrew Nester Cleanup/optimization master
#27737 Investigate if reloading old relational fields in migration operations' state_forwards is needed assigned Markus Holtermann Cleanup/optimization master
#27746 Database migration fail when removing a child model containing only foreignkeys in a multi-table inheritance context on MySQL new nobody Bug master
#27768 makemigrations uses unnecessary AddField for ForeignKey depending on model name assigned Ed Morley Cleanup/optimization master
#27790 Investigate increased memory usage in tests when calling migrate without available_apps set new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#27844 Add a management command to optimize a migration assigned nobody New feature master
#27845 Possible Migration Optimizer Strategy Improvement assigned Simon Charette Cleanup/optimization master
#27926 Allow squashmigrations to create a fresh set of migrations and delete the old ones new nobody New feature 1.10
#27946 Improve "ValueError: Found wrong number of constraints" error message new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.8
#28056 Reverse migration for model rename with cross-app ForeignKey fails assigned Bug 1.10
#28073 RemoveField.state_forwards() crashes with AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'is_relation' new nobody Bug 1.11
#28250 Ignore soft applied migrations in consistency check assigned Marten Kenbeek Cleanup/optimization master
#28431 default='' (non-bytestring) on BinaryField crashes some migration operations assigned Windson yang Bug 1.10
#28438 Initial migration creates fields not listed in the migration if mixin class changes new nobody Bug 1.11
#28504 Add hooks into SchemaEditor.alter_field() and reduce complexity new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.11
#28535 Message on conflicting migrations is misleading for rebase workflows assigned Masashi SHIBATA Cleanup/optimization 1.11
#28541 migration introducing a UUID primary key fails on sqlite3 new nobody Bug 1.11
#28646 Migration calls "CREATE INDEX" when one already exists when 'unique' field attribute is added (PostgreSQL) new Bug 1.11
#28715 Prevent a migration changing DateTimeField(auto_now_add=True) to from generating SQL new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#28785 Tracking migrations assigned Sonu kumar New feature 1.11
#28816 Silent data loss when decreasing the max_length of a CharField assigned ChillarAnand Bug 1.11
#28862 Removing a field from index_together/unique_together and from the model generates a migration that crashes new Bug 1.9
#28949 Multibyte table name or column name causes miscalculation of the length of index name. new Bug 2.0
#28980 Make the autodetector validate the type of one-off default values new nobody Cleanup/optimization 2.0
#28987 Migration changing ManyToManyField target to 'self' doesn't work correctly assigned SShayashi Bug 2.0
#29000 RenameModel does not rename M2M column when run after AlterField/RenameField assigned Jeff Bug 2.0
#29026 Make makemigrations scriptable / script-friendly new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#29063 Replacement Migrations not being executed because of unapplied migrations should raise a warning. new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.9
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