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#5797 decorator_from_middleware can cause middleware hooks to run out of correct order. new Bug master Normal
#19649 Cookie message storage does not set Vary: Cookie new Bug 1.4 Normal
#20034 Upload handlers provide no way to retrieve previously parsed POST variables new New feature master Normal
#14035 Cannot access POST after request.encoding was set to a custom value assigned zimnyx Bug master Normal
#21442 Configurable request parsing. assigned tomchristie New feature master Normal
#19705 CommonMiddleware handles If-None-Match incorrectly assigned syphar Bug master Normal
#22479 Support byte range requests in django.views.static.serve assigned slurms New feature master Normal
#26688 Inconsistent logging of 5xx and 4xx requests to django.request assigned seocam Bug master Normal
#20752 Error signals are not reliable, especially when dealing with database errors assigned schacki Bug master Normal
#15727 Add support for Content-Security-Policy (CSP) to core assigned Rudolph New feature master Normal
#24213 RFC 2231 Section 4.1 is not implemented new raulcd New feature master Normal
#10554 Response.set_cookie should allow setting two cookies of the same name. new nobody New feature master Normal
#14722 @last_modified should ignore lack of etag method when USE_ETAGS is enabled new nobody Bug 1.2 Normal
#16470 RFC5987/RFC6266 Support (Content-Disposition headers) new nobody New feature 1.3 Normal
#16674 Django's WSGI Handler should report exceptions to the start_response() callback new nobody Bug master Normal
#17955 Uploading a file without using django forms new nobody Bug 1.3 Normal
#20147 Provide an alternative to request.META for accessing HTTP headers new nobody New feature 1.5 Normal
#21777 Make request exception handling more robust to subsequent exceptions new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.6 Normal
#25619 Make runserver use HTTP 1.1 new nobody New feature master Normal
#27113 Add tests for setting HttpRequest.encoding new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.10 Normal
#27083 Problems with ETag parsing and comparison assigned marfire Bug master Normal
#17235 Multipartparser shouldn't leave the QueryDict mutable assigned hirokiky Bug master Normal
#12075 Add wsgiorg.routing args support assigned Gustavo New feature master Normal
#12091 Support for WSGI applications within Django new Gustavo New feature master Normal
#17834 ETag generated from empty content can break http caching assigned dwightgunning Bug 1.3 Normal
#18855 persist a socket across reloads of the dev server assigned dlamotte New feature master Normal
#26626 Update decorator_from_middleware to work with new-style middleware assigned carljm New feature master Normal
#25704 Response time in WSGIRequestHandler.log_request assigned andreif New feature master Normal
#9249 Google Analytics' Cookies break CacheMiddleware when SessionMiddleware turns on Vary: Cookie assigned ambv New feature 1.0 Normal
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