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#15215 API for simpler (permission or any) checks for generic view classes new nobody New feature master Normal
#16213 View collections in the generic views new hvdklauw New feature 1.3 Normal
#16256 More class based views: formsets derived generic views new rasca New feature master Normal
#17464 [patch] Work with partial forms with the generic CreateView assigned madjar New feature 1.3 Normal
#17508 DateDetailView should accept less specific dates, ie Year/Month or just Year assigned moonlimb New feature master Normal
#18355 Add ordering mixin for class based generic views assigned pjrharley New feature master Normal
#19878 Stop TemplateView automatically passing kwargs into the context new nobody New feature master Normal
#20941 Provide a way for CBVs to be called from instances new mjtamlyn New feature master Normal
#21450 BaseYearArchiveView prevent ordering of queryset new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.5 Normal
#21587 Make generic RedirectView default to permanent=False new Cleanup/optimization 1.6 Normal
#21753 Generic editing views should raise ImproperlyConfigured if both `form_class` and `fields` are specified new gabejackson Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#22536 Exceptions using date-based generic views with MySQL, USE_TZ=True and bad data new acdha Bug 1.5 Normal
#22724 Improve SingleObjectMixin assigned msoedov Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#22797 Base Generic View `_allowed_methods` could accept request args. new nobody New feature master Normal
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