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#5437 Make GDAL optional for GIS test runner assigned vlal Bug master
#8972 Add ability to delete selected vector features within the Geodjango/OpenLayers Admin map interface assigned jbronn New feature 1.0
#9295 Better error handling and/or error reporting when Proj.4 datum shifting files are not found new jbronn New feature 1.0
#11072 Add Info Window Html to GMarker assigned jbronn New feature master
#11211 Add GMarkerOptions: clickable, bouncy, dragCrossMove, bounceGravity, autoPan and hide new nobody New feature master
#11458 Add GPolylineOptions and GPolygonOptions to new nobody New feature master
#11482 Add Google map events handling new nobody New feature master
#11634 OpenLayers default position new nobody Bug master
#11854 Add support of PostGIS's Azimuth function new nobody New feature master
#12400 column "X" named in key does not exist error when models.PointField used in unique_together new jbronn Bug master
#12410 add support for St_Line_Locate_Point to geodjango postgis backend assigned jbronn New feature master
#12416 Improve KML Serialization assigned jbronn New feature master
#12504 django.contrib.gis.admin.GeoModelAdmin ignores ModelAdmin.readonly_fields assigned jbronn Bug master
#12733 Added support for Extent aggregate on mysql databases new nobody New feature 1.1
#13112 Customize map type in new nobody New feature 1.1
#13117 Recenter OSMGeoAdmin widget with coordinates new nobody New feature 1.1
#13247 GIS google-map.js maxHeight, dragCrossSize options new nobody New feature 1.1
#13843 'destroy_geom' filling up the apache error logs. new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.3
#13926 GeometryCollections are not visible in OSMGeoAdmin new nobody Bug 1.2
#14284 Support for Google Maps version 3 new New feature master
#14483 Implement subqueries in geodjango spatial lookup new nobody New feature 1.2
#15101 GeoQuerySet extent() method fails to limit new nobody Bug 1.2
#15165 GeoQuerySet.perimeter returns invalid results on geometry fields with geodetic coordinate systems assigned jbronn Bug 1.2
#15707 Upgrade GIS feeds to use class-based (non-deprecated) APIs new jbronn Cleanup/optimization 1.3
#16184 GeoDjango inspectdb fails for PostGIS new nobody Bug master
#16872 Add touch support to the geographic admin assigned jbronn New feature
#17018 LayerMapping - entries skipped when ForeignKey field has related model missing and null = True new nobody Bug 1.3
#17107 Geodjango Tutorial: SRID problem when loading data from shapefile to PostGIS new nobody Bug 1.3
#17635 Missing ability to cast georaphy to geometry when using GeoDjango and PostgresSQL new nobody New feature master
#17756 GeoDjango missing pyspatialite support new New feature master
#18349 Add ipv6 support to django.contrib.gis.geoip new nobody New feature master
#18565 Point object doesn't work in queyset.extra params argument new nobody Bug 1.4
#18654 Support for model properties that are not fields in LayerMapping new nobody New feature master
#18887 LineString array method (property) returns different data type without and with NumPy installed assigned Ubercore Cleanup/optimization 1.4
#19139 OpenLayersWidget's 'Delete all Features' control doesn't respect GeoModelAdmin's modifiable attribute new nobody Bug master
#20253 GeoDjango - made GeoQuerySet.extent() available with Spatialite new nobody New feature master
#20798 create_template_postgis should use -e shell parameter new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.5
#21021 Default geom_type attribute for GeometryWidget should be "Geometry", not "Unknown" assigned EricBoersma Cleanup/optimization 1.6-beta-1
#21273 Add read only support for Oracle XE to django.contrib.gis new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#21565 values() and values_list() don't work when datetime fields are specified and a GeoManager is used new Bug 1.5
#22274 better tutorial for geodjango new nobody New feature 1.6
#22352 GeoQuerySet methods: support lookups on reversed o2o relationships as field_name assigned anonymous Bug master
#22357 Sometimes the OSMWidget highlights the outer area of a Polygon / MultiPolygon new nobody Bug master
#22423 Geodjango spatial functions should leverage mysql 5.6 spatial functions. new visu New feature master
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