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#8307 ImageFile use of width_field and height_field is slow with remote storage backends new Jacob Cleanup/optimization master
#8912 File storage and save/commit=False new New feature 1.0
#9433 File locking broken on AFP mounts new anonymous Bug master
#9631 FieldFile assumes efficient Storage.size new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.11
#10850 Impossible to stop a large file upload mid-stream new nobody Bug master
#12157 FileSystemStorage does file I/O inefficiently, despite providing options to permit larger blocksizes new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.1
#13750 ImageField accessing height or width and then data results in "I/O operation on closed file" assigned Aksel Bug 1.2
#13960 abstract file upload/download handling new nobody New feature master
#14063 Validating form file fields is hard new nobody New feature 1.2
#15799 Document what exception should be raised when trying to open non-existent file new nobody New feature master
#15879 multipart/form-data filename="" not handled as file new nobody Bug 1.3
#17224 determine and document the use of default option in context of FileField new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#18150 Uploading a file ending with a backslash fails new Bug 1.4
#18655 Media files should be served using file storage API new nobody New feature 1.4
#21602 FileSystemStorage._save() Should Save to a Temporary Filename and Rename to Attempt to be Atomic new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#23759 Storage.get_available_name should preserve all file extensions, not just the first one assigned thenewguy New feature master
#26029 Provide an API to configure arbitrary file storage backends new New feature master
#26367 Assess if FieldFile can work with stdlib File instead of requiring Django's File new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.9
#26562 Introduce Storage and FileSystemStorage alternate save behaviour new nobody New feature master
#28144 Add allow_overwrite kwarg to FileSystemStorage._save assigned Jon Prindiville New feature 1.11
#28184 FileField storage param should allow a callable assigned miigotu New feature master
#28428 Add support for Pathlib objects in new nobody New feature master
#28554 Add support for multiple file fields assigned Johannes Hoppe New feature master
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