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#25345 Update links to new Cleanup/optimization master
#25397 Warn of clash between generic view context variables and template context processor variables new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.8
#25434 Missing documentation for attribute new ngnpope Bug 1.7
#25444 Restructure expressions documentation to better highlight ORM support new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#25461 Mistake in model _meta API migration guide for multi-table inheritance new nobody Bug 1.8
#25473 Consistently use dashes instead of underscores in URL names new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.8
#25489 SESSION_SAVE_EVERY_REQUEST Appears to have broke in 1.8.4 new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.8
#25498 PostGIS Distance lookups use ST_Distance_Sphere() and not ST_Distance() new nobody Bug master
#25502 Django test suite fails with Python 3.5.0 because of deprecation warnings new nobody Bug 1.8
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