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#25996 Revise the Performance section in topics/http/urls new nobody Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#26002 Improve ModelAdmin.get_search_results() example new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.9 Normal
#26021 Standardize on hanging indent in documentation assigned anurag-ks Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#26028 Improve instructions for overriding Django templates new nobody New feature 1.9 Normal
#26037 HttpRequest.get_host() uses either HTTP_X_FORWARDED_HOST or HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PORT => should use both new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.9 Normal
#26040 Streaming Large CSV Files Example Incorrect new nobody Bug 1.8 Normal
#26084 Document that RemovedInNextVersionWarning is no longer loud new nobody Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#26165 Add an FAQ that explains why Django's CSRF isn't vulnerable assigned acemaster Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#26188 Document how to wrap password hashers assigned timgraham New feature master Normal
#26201 Document the consequences of rotating the CSRF token on login new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.8 Normal
#26217 Docs for WeekArchiveView are misleading about %W new nobody Uncategorized 1.9 Normal
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