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#17430 Clearly document the permissions model for the Django admin interface new nobody New feature 1.3 Normal
#27462 Clarify what's contained in m2m_changed's "pk_set" argument new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.10 Normal
#27234 Clarify the type of the django.server logger's 'request' extra context new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.10 Normal
#29261 Clarify the reason for LICENSE.python assigned James Bennett Bug master Normal
#20775 Clarify the operator each database backend uses for text lookups (startswith, istartswith, contains, icontains, endswith and iendswith) new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.5 Normal
#25887 Clarify support for ForeignKey and form fields other than ModelChoiceField new nobody Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#28461 Clarify how UserManager.create_superuser() must be implemented with a ForeignKey in REQUIRED_FIELDS new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.11 Normal
#29308 Clarify how assertQuerysetEqual()'s transform parameter works new nobody Cleanup/optimization 2.0 Normal
#19415 Clarify how aggregates work with multi-valued relationships and multiple filter() calls new nobody Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#24816 Clarify docs about preventing duplicate signals new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.8 Normal
#21859 clarify Django docs re: email addresses and ascii new nobody Bug 1.6 Normal
#15742 Bug: Mark all does not contain full queryset when using intermidiate pages in Django admin new nobody Bug 1.3 Normal
#24822 Autodetector crashes on add/removal of tzinfo from DateTimeField default new nobody Bug 1.8 Normal
#28628 Audit for and abolish all use of '\d' in regexes assigned JunyiJ Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#19842 annotate()-based solution to distinct and order_by problem new Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#21292 A how-to or tutorial document for using authentication views and forms is needed new New feature master Normal
#20629 Admonitions in custom User model documentation may be scaring off users assigned Keith Edmiston Cleanup/optimization 1.5 Normal
#20023 Admin Inline form validation must go in Model.clean() if AdminInline.form is not specified new nobody Bug 1.5 Normal
#27401 Add Transifex config to build translated docs new nobody New feature master Normal
#27936 Add some clarifications to "Spanning multi-valued relationships" new nobody Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#29423 Add reference documentation for Field.value_from_object() new nobody Cleanup/optimization 2.0 Normal
#19106 Add new tutorial on breaking templates into blocks new nobody New feature 1.4 Normal
#15059 Additional Documentation for the objects in the admin templates new nobody Bug 1.2 Normal
#27534 Add CSRF_COOKIE_HTTPONLY note to CSRF AJAX docs new nobody Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#27617 Add contributor facing documentation for the ORM new nobody New feature 1.10 Normal
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