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#21993 Messages documentation is topic style, there is no ref new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#22019 add section for definitive Model.objects documentation new nheyning Cleanup/optimization 1.6
#22061 Increase visibility of translated documentation sets new Cleanup/optimization master
#22154 Rename Class Based Generic Views to Built-in Class Based Views new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.6
#22167 docs about order of template context processors unclear new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.5
#22246 WizardView.form_list is undocumented new nobody Bug master
#22254 Testing documentation doesn't make it clear that django.setup() needs to be called with setup_test_environment new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.7-alpha-2
#22268 values_list() on a ManyToManyField returns extra None's when iterated over. assigned anubhav9042 Cleanup/optimization master
#22270 Explain permissions on proxy models new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.6
#22305 MaxLengthValidator doesn't take database encoding into account new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.6
#22310 Document exact usage of and consequences of rotating SECRET_KEY assigned Zulu Cleanup/optimization master
#22349 RawQuerySet doesn't implement __len__, __bool__ new Cleanup/optimization master
#22368 Document how to use SERVICE_NAME with Oracle new nobody New feature 1.6
#22417 Django 1.7 DB connection fails due to requesting database "postgres" assigned timo Bug 1.7-beta-1
#22422 RegistryNotReadyException in django.apps.registry.Apps.check_ready() new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.7-beta-1
#22445 Doc on reversible data migrations needed new nobody Bug 1.7-beta-1
#22458 MySQL notes recommend legacy utf8_general_ci unicode collation assigned mardini Cleanup/optimization 1.7-beta-1
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