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#25298 Forbid QuerySet filtering by a related field that expects a single value when multiple values are returned assigned Y3K Cleanup/optimization 1.8
#25361 Unpickling of QuerySet fails in presence of abstract intermediate model new nobody Bug 1.8
#25367 Allow expressions in .filter() calls assigned Matthew Schinckel Cleanup/optimization master
#25425 Enforce calling resolve_expression before as_sql on all expressions new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#25456 Make GenericIPAddressField normalize IPv4 addresses new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.8
#25464 Allow skipping IN clause on prefetch queries new nobody New feature master
#25467 Excluding an object with no ID excludes everything. assigned Joakim Israelsson Bug 1.8
#25493 Model instances created with unittest.mock can raise confusing errors new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.9
#25507 Can't count when using annotate(field=RawSQL(sql)) when sql is a constant new nobody Bug 1.8
#25534 Allow using datetime lookups in QuerySets aggregate calls new nobody New feature master
#25594 Difficult to customize model field default_validators and have them used on both model and form fields new nobody New feature master
#25643 Allow update() with aggregates and joins via subqueries new nobody New feature master
#25705 Parameters are not adapted or quoted in Query.__str__ assigned Dmitry Dygalo Cleanup/optimization master
#25789 Inefficient Queries Generated due to not using WHERE EXISTS new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.8
#25937 Failure when using expressions.DateTime on NULL values and aggregating assigned Cheryl Yang Bug 1.9
#25946 Negated clauses' "isnull" added term does not take field transforms into account new nobody Bug master
#25947 Query's str() method fails when 'default' database is empty new nobody Bug 1.9
#25955 FK constraints are not checked at the end of nested atomic blocks new nobody Bug master
#25991 A new implementation for exclude() queries new nobody Bug master
#26019 Incorrect query generated when combining querysets refering to different fields under the same alias. new nobody Bug master
#26167 Support for Functional Indexes (aka Indexes on Expressions) assigned Markus Holtermann New feature master
#26168 BooleanField is forced to be blank=True assigned Lynn Cyrin Cleanup/optimization master
#26192 Cannot order query by constant value on PostgreSQL new nobody Bug 1.8
#26318 Unexpected / duplicated queries on nested Prefetch queryset with repeated model new nobody Bug master
#26340 Cannot rollback to a savepoint explicitly after an IntegrityError when autocommit is disabled new nobody Bug 1.9
#26368 Order of &-ing Q objects affects results in edge case new nobody Bug 1.9
#26369 Allow override of hardcoded defaults in model Field.formfield() assigned James Pic New feature 1.9
#26379 Inconsistent behaviour of filter() on related model (RelatedManager) new nobody Bug 1.9
#26390 order_by('?') unexpectedly breaking queryset aggregation assigned Tzu-ping Chung Bug master
#26430 Coalesce in Aggregations ignored when EmptyResultSet returned new nobody Bug 1.9
#26434 Inconsistent results of QuerySet count() method using PostgreSQL backend prior and post the QuerySet evaluation new nobody Bug 1.9
#26459 Allow providing DecimalField with a custom context new nobody New feature 1.9
#26481 Add a "strict mode" for defer()/only() to prevent queries on unfetched field access new nobody New feature master
#26506 Implement support for TABLESAMPLE new nobody New feature master
#26530 Batch operations on large querysets new nobody New feature master
#26539 Using Annotation As Update Parameter Generates Invalid SQL assigned PREMANAND Bug master
#26565 Allow Prefetch query to use .values() new nobody New feature master
#26602 Provide a way to manage grouping with RawSQL new nobody New feature master
#26630 Defered constraint checks flush after `post_delete` signal new nobody Bug 1.9
#26650 Automatically apply Cast based on output_field new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#26780 Prefetch objects don't work with slices new nobody New feature master
#27021 Add explicit support for Q object annotations assigned Sergey Fedoseev New feature master
#27074 connection.is_usable() raises AttributeError after the connection is closed assigned Chris Jerdonek Cleanup/optimization 1.10
#27080 `as_manager` on QuerySet should pass down `use_in_migrations` to new Manager instance new nobody Bug 1.10
#27090 pg_get_serial_sequence is broken on postgres, use a lookup in information_schema.columns instead new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.10
#27222 Refresh fields that are expressions after new nobody New feature 1.10
#27236 Deprecate Model.Meta.index_together in favour of Model.Meta.indexes assigned Olivier Tabone Cleanup/optimization master
#27272 Add a on_delete RESTRICT handler to allow cascading deletions while protecting direct ones assigned Daniel Izquierdo New feature master
#27357 Variant of FilePathField that uses a Storage backend new nobody New feature 1.10
#27380 Add the 'raw' argument with the 'm2m_changed' signal new nobody New feature 1.10
#27397 Querying with an integer larger than SQLite supports crashes with OverflowError assigned Ramin Farajpour Cami Bug 1.10
#27408 Make QuerySet.bulk_create() populate fields on related models new nobody New feature master
#27412 Coalesce function should work with subqueries new nobody New feature 1.10
#27460 Allow declaring a GenericRelation from an abstract model to another abstract model assigned Alex Hill New feature 1.10
#27503 Provide a way for to-many rels to be used without the db new nobody New feature master
#27614 Store the DB used in the state before calling Model._save_table() new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.10
#27624 Optimize ORM by using more immutable data structures assigned Adam (Chainz) Johnson Cleanup/optimization 1.10
#27646 Add QuerySet support for group by modifiers and OLAP functionality new nobody New feature master
#27676 MariaDB 10.2 supports defaults for text columns assigned Adam (Chainz) Johnson New feature master
#27719 Add queryset.alias() to mimic .annotate() for aggregations without loading data new nobody New feature master
#27813 BinaryField type inconsistent between sqlite3 (bytes) and postgresql (memoryview) new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.10
#27833 prefetch_related fails with SQLite when used with 1000 parent records assigned Raphael Michel Bug 1.10
#27852 Admin Delete Object Block Page Doesn't Show All Related Objects Blocking Deletion assigned Anton Samarchyan Cleanup/optimization master
#27867 Excluding a reverse relation produces inconsistent queries new nobody Bug master
#27880 Use __set_name__ to replace some usages of contribute_to_class. new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#27944 Have meta.get_field('pk') return the primary key field directly assigned Josh Schneier Cleanup/optimization master
#27995 Raise a descriptive error on unsupported operations following QuerySet.union(), intersection(), and difference() assigned kapil garg Cleanup/optimization 1.10
#28035 Allowing logging the queryset location for a given query new nobody New feature 1.10
#28053 Allow fields to specify arbitrary indexes via db_index=Index() new nobody New feature 1.11
#28072 Allow QuerySet.annotate() to use the name of an exisiting field new nobody New feature 1.8
#28077 Allow specifying custom operator classes for PostgreSQL indexes assigned Ian Foote New feature 1.11
#28078 Can't use field as part of expression when annotate key shadows model field new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.10
#28087 Allow filtering and ordering with RawQuerySet new nobody New feature master
#28107 Can't perform annotation on related table when un-managed model is backed by a DB view new nobody Bug master
#28147 Saving parent object after setting on child leads to unexpected data loss assigned Amy Mok Bug master
#28198 Model attributes shouldn't override deferred fields assigned Denis.Tarykin Bug master
#28289 QuerySet.count() does not with work raw sql annotations on inherited model fields new nobody Bug 1.11
#28296 Add support for aggregation through subqueries new nobody New feature master
#28297 Same queryset result in two different queries on ORM assigned Marcus Renno Bug 1.11
#28333 Filter and subquery for window expressions new nobody New feature master
#28344 Add for_update parameter to Model.refresh_from_db() new New feature master
#28347 Allow custom attributes for model fields new nobody New feature 1.11
#28368 Trying to create a model instance with an existing shared primary key in MTI silently updates an existing instance new nobody Bug 1.11
#28373 TIME_ZONE value in DATABASES settings is not used for date lookup assigned messfish Bug 1.11
#28393 Add a helpful exception for invalid AutoField/IntegerField values new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.11
#28408 Incorrect error message with QuerySet.update() that requires a join on an annotated F expression new nobody Bug 1.11
#28410 query filter on date portion of datetime creates wrong parameters for mysql CONVERT_TZ function when used with a fixed offset timezone new nobody Bug 1.11
#28425 Prefetch can execute an UPDATE statement if a certain to_attr is given new nobody Bug 1.8
#28439 When() crashes with ValidationError with models using UUID as primary key assigned Srinivas Reddy Thatiparthy Bug 1.11
#28455 Create "inplace" QuerySets to speed up certain operations new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#28459 Improve performance of QuerySet new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#28477 Strip unused annotations from count queries assigned Tom Forbes Cleanup/optimization master
#28519 Add filter(), exclude(), and other base QuerySet methods to combined QuerySets (union(), etc.) new New feature master
#28553 Querysets: annotate() columns are forced into a certain position which may disrupt union() new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.11
#28560 distinct() on ordered queryset with restricted list of columns returns incorrect result new Bug master
#28586 Automatically prefetch related for "to one" fields as needed. new nobody New feature master
#28595 Database "execute hooks" for instrumentation assigned Shai Berger New feature master
#28616 DISTINCT ON and update() does the wrong thing assigned messfish Bug 1.11
#28621 Crash in QuerySet.annotate() with OuterRef new nobody Bug 1.11
#28643 Complete the ORM Function Library assigned JunyiJ New feature master
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