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#373 Add support for multiple-column primary keys assigned Michal Petrucha New feature master Normal
#1891 ForeignKey with m2m filter can duplicate foreign model entries in ModelForm/ModelChoiceField assigned Chris Wilson Bug Normal
#3461 DatabaseWrapper should pass through args and kwargs to underlying database adapter assigned Asif Saifuddin Auvi Bug master Normal
#6517 MySQL: dbshell does not get charset from DATABASES setting assigned Biswajit Sahu Bug master Normal
#10686 Add class name interpolation in Meta.permissions codenames assigned Sergei Maertens New feature master Normal
#11580 Unable to query TextField against oracle nclob 10Gr4 assigned Shai Berger Bug 1.6 Normal
#11964 Add the ability to use database-level CHECK CONSTRAINTS assigned Ian Foote New feature master Normal
#14094 Cannot define CharField with unlimited length assigned Aron Podrigal New feature master Normal
#15279 Inheritance of fields from a single abstract base class through multiple abstract classes causes errors. assigned Stephen Burrows Bug master Normal
#16043 Specialization cache should be filled/shared with parent object cache (multitable inheritance) assigned Paulo Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#16176 Overwriting a property with field during model inheritance. assigned Thomas_Moronez Bug master Normal
#17688 No m2m_changed signal sent to when referenced object is deleted assigned jorgecarleitao Bug 1.3 Normal
#18283 FileField should not reuse FieldFiles assigned Andrzej Pragacz Bug 1.4 Normal
#18726 Combination of F() expression with query seems to confuse sql compiler's table aliases assigned felixxm Bug master Normal
#19580 Unify reverse foreign key and m2m unsaved model querying assigned Rajesh Veeranki Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#20205 PositiveIntegerfield does not handle empty values well assigned Amine Zyad Bug master Normal
#20960 DEFAULT_TABLESPACE should be part of DATABASES assigned Ivan Kolodyazhny New feature master Normal
#21181 collation specific query results ordering assigned Alan New feature Normal
#21204 Query.defer() failure - deferred columns calculated per table instead per alias assigned Simon Charette Bug master Normal
#21454 Ignoring certain fields on INSERT and UPDATE queries assigned Joachim Jablon New feature master Normal
#21461 Add pre_update and post_update signals assigned loic84 New feature master Normal
#21961 Add support for database-level cascading options assigned Nick Stefan New feature master Normal
#22382 ManyRelatedManager's get_prefetch_queryset doesn't validate the prefetch types assigned Marc Tamlyn Bug master Normal
#22492 provide a way to prevent database queries on model objects assigned Raúl Cumplido New feature master Normal
#22757 prefetch_related isn't as effecient as it could be with GenericForeignKey and proxy models assigned Paulo Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#23572 Exception on Custom Lookups when right value is None. assigned Sergey Fedoseev Bug 1.7 Normal
#23646 query set sql update to change different values by different keys (include django-bulk-update in core) assigned Tom Forbes New feature 1.9 Normal
#23816 Ability to defer model field by default assigned Denis.Tarykin New feature master Normal
#23843 Test failures on Oracle/Python3 assigned Shai Berger Bug master Normal
#24018 Support journal_mode=WAL for sqlite assigned Curtis Maloney New feature master Normal
#24561 Allow model field choices to accept callables. assigned Sergey Fedoseev New feature master Normal
#24662 Sum() returns True/False when used with BooleanField & MySQL assigned Marco Santamaria Bug 1.8 Normal
#24928 Add UUIDField, RangeField, JSONField, etc to database introspection assigned Claude Paroz New feature master Normal
#25287 Multiplying and dividing connectors for datetime expressions are not supported by sqlite backed. assigned Caio Ariede New feature 1.8 Normal
#25298 Forbid QuerySet filtering by a related field that expects a single value when multiple values are returned assigned Y3K Cleanup/optimization 1.8 Normal
#25367 Allow expressions in .filter() calls assigned Matthew Schinckel Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#25467 Excluding an object with no ID excludes everything. assigned Joakim Israelsson Bug 1.8 Normal
#25705 Parameters are not adapted or quoted in Query.__str__ assigned Dmitry Dygalo Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#25937 Failure when using expressions.DateTime on NULL values and aggregating assigned Cheryl Yang Bug 1.9 Normal
#26167 Support for Functional Indexes (aka Indexes on Expressions) assigned Markus Holtermann New feature master Normal
#26168 BooleanField is forced to be blank=True assigned Lynn Cyrin Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#26369 Allow override of hardcoded defaults in model Field.formfield() assigned James Pic New feature 1.9 Normal
#26390 order_by('?') unexpectedly breaking queryset aggregation assigned Tzu-ping Chung Bug master Normal
#26539 Using Annotation As Update Parameter Generates Invalid SQL assigned PREMANAND Bug master Normal
#27021 Add explicit support for Q object annotations assigned Sergey Fedoseev New feature master Normal
#27074 connection.is_usable() raises AttributeError after the connection is closed assigned Chris Jerdonek Cleanup/optimization 1.10 Normal
#27236 Deprecate Model.Meta.index_together in favour of Model.Meta.indexes assigned Olivier Tabone Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#27272 Add a on_delete RESTRICT handler to allow cascading deletions while protecting direct ones assigned Daniel Izquierdo New feature master Normal
#27397 Querying with an integer larger than SQLite supports crashes with OverflowError assigned Ramin Farajpour Cami Bug 1.10 Normal
#27460 Allow declaring a GenericRelation from an abstract model to another abstract model assigned Alex Hill New feature 1.10 Normal
#27624 Optimize ORM by using more immutable data structures assigned Adam (Chainz) Johnson Cleanup/optimization 1.10 Normal
#27629 Inconsistent check of allow_relation in ForwardManyToOneDescriptor.__set__ assigned Stefan R. Filipek Bug 1.11 Normal
#27676 MariaDB 10.2 supports defaults for text columns assigned Adam (Chainz) Johnson New feature master Normal
#27833 prefetch_related fails with SQLite when used with 1000 parent records assigned Raphael Michel Bug 1.10 Normal
#27852 Admin Delete Object Block Page Doesn't Show All Related Objects Blocking Deletion assigned Anton Samarchyan Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#27944 Have meta.get_field('pk') return the primary key field directly assigned Josh Schneier Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#27995 Raise a descriptive error on unsupported operations following QuerySet.union(), intersection(), and difference() assigned kapil garg Cleanup/optimization 1.10 Normal
#28147 Saving parent object after setting on child leads to unexpected data loss assigned Amy Mok Bug master Normal
#28198 Model attributes shouldn't override deferred fields assigned Denis.Tarykin Bug master Normal
#28297 Same queryset result in two different queries on ORM assigned Marcus Renno Bug 1.11 Normal
#28373 TIME_ZONE value in DATABASES settings is not used for date lookup assigned messfish Bug 1.11 Normal
#28439 When() crashes with ValidationError with models using UUID as primary key assigned Srinivas Reddy Thatiparthy Bug 1.11 Normal
#28477 Strip unused annotations from count queries assigned Tom Forbes Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#28595 Database "execute hooks" for instrumentation assigned Shai Berger New feature master Normal
#28616 DISTINCT ON and update() does the wrong thing assigned messfish Bug 1.11 Normal
#28643 Complete the ORM Function Library assigned JunyiJ New feature master Normal
#28649 Add "iso_year" lookup to DateField/DateTimeField assigned Sigurd Ljødal New feature master Normal
#28658 Move DISTINCT handling to the Aggregate base class. assigned Simon Charette Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#28668 Add ON CONFLICT support to QuerySet.bulk_create() assigned Tom Forbes New feature master Normal
#28925 durations-only expressions doesn't work on SQLite and MySQL assigned Sergey Fedoseev Bug 1.8 Normal
#29015 Add an error when the PostgreSQL database name length limit is exceeded assigned Priyansh Saxena Cleanup/optimization 2.0 Normal
#29048 Add **extra_context arg to as_vendor methods in database functions assigned Priyansh Saxena Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#29049 Add slicing notation to F expressions assigned Priyansh Saxena New feature master Normal
#29129 Child model updates parent model with empty fields making an extra query in multi-inheritance when parent model has custom PK assigned Ashaba John Bug 2.0 Normal
#29222 Substr on NULL values returns incorrect results with pattern lookups. assigned felixxm Bug master Normal
#29303 non_atomic_requests decorator alters _non_atomic_requests attribute of original function assigned Windson yang Bug master Normal
#56 Primary key columns should be UNSIGNED new New feature master Normal
#470 Add Field.db_default for defining database defaults new nobody New feature normal
#2361 QuerySet.filter(m2mfield__isnull=False) may return duplicates new Adrian Holovaty Bug master normal
#2750 ManyToManyField ignores 'default' option new nobody Bug Normal
#3254 full text search support for postgres, oracle and mssql new New feature Normal
#5745 MySQL Collations/Charsets and Engines new nobody New feature master Normal
#5793 Allow custom attributes in Meta classes new nobody New feature master Normal
#5929 Allow Fields to use multiple db columns (complex datatypes) new New feature master Normal
#6148 Add generic support for database schemas new Anssi Kääriäinen New feature master Normal
#6343 % symbols not escaped in db_column column names when preparing queries new nobody Bug master Normal
#6785 QuerySet.get() should only attempt to fetch a limited number of rows new nobody Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#6870 pre_delete should be sent before collecting ForeignKey relationships new nobody Bug master Normal
#7623 Multi-table inheritance: Add the ability create child instance from existing parent new New feature master Normal
#7732 Oracle Backend with SessionPool new New feature master Normal
#8467 For ManyToMany manager, we should convert objects being added or removed to the pk type if they are not. new nobody New feature master Normal
#9363 Add a traceback to each query in CursorDebugWrapper new nobody New feature 1.0 Normal
#9475 add(), create(), etc. should be supported by intermediate ManyToMany model with extra attributes if extra fields can be calculated new nobody New feature master Normal
#9519 Add QuerySet.bulk_delete() that issues only a single SQL query new nobody New feature master Normal
#9682 icontains can be case-sensitive on MySQL new nobody Bug 1.0 Normal
#9982 Inconsistent behavior on model save depending on whether OneToOneField is a primary key new Bug 1.0 Normal
#10060 Multiple table annotation failure new Bug master Normal
#10070 Named parameters not working on raw sql queries with sqlite new nobody Bug 1.0 Normal
#10088 for_share() as well as for_update() addition to Model.QuerySet new New feature 1.0 Normal
#10227 Support a related_default on OneToOne fields new nobody New feature master Normal
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