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#56 Primary key columns should be UNSIGNED new New feature master normal
#373 Add support for multiple-column primary keys assigned koniiiik New feature low
#901 Reload method for models assigned akaariai New feature master normal
#1891 ForeignKey with m2m filter can duplicate foreign model entries in ModelForm/ModelChoiceField assigned gcc Bug normal
#2443 Add IntervalField to database models new Adys New feature master lowest
#2495 db.models.TextField cannot be marked unique when using mysql backend new Honza_Kral Bug master normal
#2750 ManyToManyField ignores 'default' option new nobody Bug normal
#3006 generic relations do not act as expected in a filter/get new rmyers New feature master normal
#3254 [patch] experimental fulltext search support for postgres, oracle and mssql assigned mjtamlyn New feature normal
#3461 DatabaseWrapper should pass through args and kwargs to underlying database adapter new cgrady Bug master
#4070 unique_for_date and friends should create database indexes where possible new nobody New feature master
#5619 FileField and ImageField return the wrong path/url before calling save_FOO_file() new leahculver Bug master
#5745 MySQL Collations/Charsets and Engines new nobody New feature master
#5929 Allow Fields to use multiple db columns (complex datatypes) new New feature master
#6148 Add generic support for database schemas new akaariai New feature master
#6343 % symbols not escaped in db_column column names when preparing queries new nobody Bug master
#6439 support for filter methods on date field attributes new nobody New feature master
#6498 Add case insensitive model ordering new nobody New feature master
#6517 dbshell does not get charset from database_options new nobody Bug master
#6707 Another implementation for ReverseManyRelatedObjectsDescriptor.__set__ method assigned loic84 Bug master
#6870 pre_delete should be sent before collecting ForeignKey relationships new nobody Bug master
#7074 MySQL error/warning when 'gt' field lookup with a datetime field and fulltext search. assigned anubhav9042 Bug master
#7623 Multi-table inheritance does not allow linking new instance of child model to existing parent model instance. assigned elektrrrus Bug master
#7732 Oracle Backend with SessionPool assigned mboersma New feature master
#8065 Calling queyset.in_bulk (without any arguments) should evaluate the whole queryset. new nobody New feature master
#8375 It's better to allow using tables parameter with custom alias in extra query new nobody New feature master
#8467 For ManyToMany manager, we should convert objects being added or removed to the pk type if they are not. new nobody New feature master
#8618 Many-to-many intermediary tables can't have multiple foreign keys to source/target models new nobody New feature master
#9368 Clean up code for getting columns for select query new Cleanup/optimization
#9394 Reverse relation lookups with a multi-table inherited model produces extraneous queries new Cleanup/optimization master
#9475 add(), create(), etc. should be supported by intermedite ManyToMany model with extra attributes if extra fields can be calculated new nobody New feature master
#9519 Add QuerySet.bulk_delete() that issues only a single SQL query new nobody New feature master
#9596 Comparing a DateTimeField to a date is too hard new nobody New feature master
#9619 to_python not called when fetching data with .values(...) new nobody Bug master
#9682 icontains can be case-sensitive on MySQL new nobody Bug 1.0
#9899 GenericRelation of a childmodel can't be used in lookup new nobody New feature 1.0
#9982 Inconsistent behavior on model save depending on whether OneToOneField is a primary key new Bug 1.0
#10060 Multiple table annotation failure new Bug master
#10070 Named parameters not working on raw sql queries with sqlite new nobody Bug 1.0
#10088 for_share() as well as for_update() addition to Model.QuerySet new New feature 1.0
#10227 Support a related_default on OneToOne fields new nobody New feature master
#10244 FileFields can't be set to NULL in the db new nobody Bug 1.0
#10302 Add some date features to aggregation new New feature master
#10414 select_related ignores unrecognized fields assigned trebor74hr Bug
#10506 Automatically use correct auto-manager class for inherited models new mtredinnick Bug master
#10532 An overridden get method on a custom manager passed to get_object_or_404 will not be called. new Bug master
#10621 Add a way to have an aggregate() result as a queryset new nobody New feature
#10686 2 simple improvements to permission inheritance. new nobody New feature master
#10808 Multiple inheritance (model-based) broken for __init__ of common fields in diamond inheritance new mtredinnick Bug master
#10928 BooleanField: different behaviour when default=callable new nobody Bug master
#10929 Support a default value for Sum (and possibly other aggregation functions) new New feature master
#10932 Allow Min() on CharFields on postgres assigned wogan New feature 1.0
#10933 Avoid " TypeError: Cannot convert Decimal("0.0000") to Decimal " when the decimal module has been reloaded new nobody Bug 1.3
#10961 Allow users to override forward and reverse relationships on proxy models with !ForeignKey fields. new nobody New feature master
#11018 Generic foreign keys in custom m2m relationship model new nobody New feature 1.1-beta
#11078 Proxy models do not inherit META.app_label new nobody Bug master
#11096 .values including related fields does not work when specified after an aggregate's .annotate new Bug master
#11104 HAVING filter screws with extra() SQL parameter ordering new Bug master
#11156 Unnecessary savepoints with Oracle new Cleanup/optimization master
#11265 ForeignKey/OneToOneField should support user-defined id attribute name new nobody New feature
#11280 model.m2m = [pk, list] Performs unnecessary SELECT new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.0
#11305 Support for "Conditional Aggregates" new New feature master
#11329 get_count generates incorrect SQL for query sets with extra 'select' and 'where' new nobody Bug 1.0
#11459 QuerySet.count() generates invalid sql when used with select_related() and extra(where=[customWhereClause]) new nobody Bug 1.3
#11487 Oracle encoding bug when saving more than 4000 characters new nobody Bug master
#11523 ORM/MySQL backend doesn't set pk when Warning exception is raised new nobody Bug
#11541 F() expressions don't allow assignment of Foreign Key values on instances new nobody Bug 1.1-beta
#11557 get_latest_by should support multiple columns via tuple like ordering new nobody New feature 1.0
#11560 let proxy models multiple-inherit from the same concrete base model new nobody New feature 1.1-beta
#11580 Unable to query TextField against oracle nclob 10Gr4 new nobody Bug 1.6
#11671 Aggregations add extra values to ValuesQuerySets :: another usecase new Bug master
#11716 Various methods in django.db.models.fields don't wrap ValueErrors and allow them to escape assigned Leo Bug master
#11760 Placeholder for through value in ManyToManyField of abstract class new nobody New feature 1.1
#11775 ABSOLUTE_URL_OVERRIDES doesn't work for the majority of contrib models assigned jukvalim New feature master
#11866 non-null FK to a CharField primary key fails when key value is the empty string, giving "[model.fk_col] may not be NULL" new nobody Bug 1.1
#11920 Cannot access related field of an unsaved object if the object is from an inherited model new Bug 1.1
#11964 Using database-level CHECK CONSTRAINTS new nobody New feature 1.1
#11981 Add custom Q-object (add_to_query) support to QuerySet.filter() and QuerySet.exclude() new nobody New feature master
#12002 Models inherited from multiple Models new nobody New feature 1.1
#12096 model attributes are not set toplevel which causes doctools to miss the attribute docstrings assigned jacob Bug 1.1
#12118 in-memory test database does not work with threads new nobody New feature master
#12268 [PATCH] can't do %s on extra select new nobody Bug master
#12471 Wrong assertion in resolve_aggregate in django.db.models.sql.query new nobody Bug 1.1
#12500 Support for MySQL Connector/Python new nobody New feature 1.1
#12651 AutoSlugField, that can recreate unique slugs during saving. new nobody New feature
#12663 Formalize, refactor, and document Model._meta assigned pirosb3 New feature master
#12889 Using annotation unexpectedly returns DecimalFields as floats assigned wogan Bug master
#12890 extra() tables included twice do not generate aliases new daveycrockett Bug 1.3
#12907 Problems with django admin on Jython with custom user models new nobody Bug 1.1
#12938 not possible to validate a many-to-many at the model new nobody New feature 1.1
#13006 Add order_by with sql LOWER() support new nobody New feature 1.1
#13019 create_update: proxy object displayed instead of model verbose name new nobody Bug 1.1
#13161 Ticked 2514 and 5171, solution for using Django with other psycopg2 applications. new nobody Bug 1.4
#13240 Modify RelatedManager and ManyRelatedManager add() and remove() to accept QuerySets and iterables assigned gabrielhurley New feature master
#13251 Add ability to know where an object was deleted from to pre/post delete signals new nobody New feature master
#13295 Add a Meta.sequence option to models new nobody New feature 1.1
#13296 order_with_respect_to fails to correctly track _order after deleting entries new nobody Bug 1.1
#13313 Custom Default Manager with extra __init__ arguments fails if model is used in a ManyToManyField new nobody Bug master
#13327 FileField/ImageField accessor methods throw unnecessary exceptions when they are blank or null. new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.1
#13383 Querysets should only allow the correct model types to be filtered against new Bug master
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