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#7537 Make RegexURLResolver easier to subclass new nobody New feature master
#8264 Replace get_absolute_url with more sane alternative new simon New feature master
#11642 Specify default namespace in new abki New feature 1.1
#12943 Unnamed captures are not passed to views in included URLconfs new nobody Bug 1.1
#13409 "wrap" argument for django.conf.urls.defaults.url to decorate views more easily new nobody New feature master
#13525 URL Reverser chokes on nested groups assigned cypreess Bug 1.1
#14200 new RegexURLResolver is contructed for every request new Suor Cleanup/optimization 1.2
#14343 NoReverseMatch error message is unclear, view does exist new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.2
#14761 URL resolving / reversing design doesn't allow alternate specs new nobody New feature master
#14772 Reversing a URL with optional arguments fails new nobody Bug 1.2
#15180 reverse doesn't check default_args new nobody New feature 1.3-beta
#16362 Ignore, rather than disallow, negative lookahead assertions new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.3
#16391 New URL tag for reversing urls with placeholder args/kwargs new nobody New feature 1.3
#16406 Allow separate access to matches from urlpatterns and extra_context args new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#17914 reverse() does not support namespaced view references new nobody Bug master
#18494 Positional arguments not passed to view functions in included urlconfs new nobody Bug master
#19910 Double redirect with APPEND_SLASH and i18n_patterns new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.4
#20757 A more Object-Oriented URLResolver new nobody New feature master
#21927 URL namespacing improvements new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#22055 404 page does not display stack trace when Resolver404 is raised from a view new gnosek Cleanup/optimization 1.6
#22425 provide ability to abort URL resolution early new nobody New feature master
#23173 SCRIPT_URL on WSGI is misinterpreted when PATH_INFO is empty new nobody Bug master
#23895 ResolverMatch with some views is not pickleable new nobody Bug 1.7
#24013 reverse() escapes unreserved characters supplied by prefix new nobody Bug 1.6
#24127 Automatically set the current URL namespace based on the URL of the current request new nobody New feature master
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