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#12810 Add validation for clashing ManyToManyField.db_table names assigned christopherdcunha Bug master
#20098 Add validation for models with the same db_table new nobody New feature master
#20749 Add validation for type of Field.choices arguments assigned ellisd23 New feature master
#22977 No validation error when ForeignKey related_name clashes with manager name. assigned davide-ceretti Cleanup/optimization master
#23027 Add database-backend-specific checks new nobody New feature master
#23813 Add checks for common URLpattern errors new jwa New feature master
#24994 Document/check that settings.SECRET_KEY should be a valid unicode string assigned sarthakmeh03 Cleanup/optimization 1.8
#25034 Convert caches ImproperlyConfigured error to a system check new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
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