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#5904 reverse should be more lenient on non-existent views in the urlconf new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#9115 Check for presence of os.unlink in new nobody Bug master
#9318 "Virtual" behaviour for signal dispatcher and model inheritance assigned jdunck New feature 1.0
#9435 Check out behaviour of wsgi backend with PATH_INFO being an empty string new Bug 1.0
#10941 Add querystring helper methods to Page class new nobody New feature master
#11495 Improvements to django.views.static.serve directory indexes assigned SmileyChris Bug master
#11919 feature in debug traceback view should be optional new nobody New feature master
#12826 Use __slots__ for some simple objects. new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#13842 XViewMiddleware fails with django.contrib.syndication.views.Feed new mk Bug master
#14087 only sees commands in the last package of a namespace package new nobody Bug master
#14131 The pagination module should have some limit, or a warning should be given in the documentation new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#14297 Accessing settings.FOO in hot spots cause performance problems new Cleanup/optimization master
#14968 handle BaseExceptions with middleware, or at least KeyboardInterrupt new Suor Bug 1.2
#15249 Provide access to a debugger within the development server new lxsameer New feature 1.2
#16501 Add option to accept unicode characters in SlugField new pbnan New feature master
#16674 Django's WSGI Handler should report exceptions to the start_response() callback new nobody Bug master
#18119 add DomainNameValidator to validate Internet Domain Names new nobody New feature master
#18603 Adding support for PEP 302 importers new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#18615 Allow retrieval of the signature age using the signing API new nobody New feature master
#20081 Minimize the risk of SECRET_KEY leaks assigned aj7may New feature master
#20156 pass context info from PermissionDenied exception to handler403/django.views.defaults.permission_denied new nobody New feature
#20481 Provide official hooks for execution profiling new nobody New feature master
#21048 Error page should not invoke callables passed through WSGI META structure new nobody Bug master
#21628 Stop using the `imp` module new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#21699 Provide a way to define a model without being registered into the app registry / Get rid of get_registered_model new nobody New feature master
#21777 Make request exception handling more robust to subsequent exceptions new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.6
#21949 Django doesn't log much at high verbosity levels new nobody New feature 1.6
#22111 Signal can throw ValueError in debug mode new nobody Bug master
#22804 A warning should be issued when an invalid separator is passed to signing.Signer new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.6
#22990 Sensitive POST data leaks from complex variables assigned auvipy Cleanup/optimization master
#23004 Cleanse entries from request.META in debug views new nobody New feature master
#23190 Make paginator.page_range an iterator. new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#23643 Have debug page show "During handling of this exception, another exception occurred.." new tricoder42 New feature master
#23763 Python 3.5 compatibility new nobody New feature master
#23882 django 1.7 + inotify breaks autoreload of runserver with vim new nobody Bug 1.7
#23919 Cleanups for when we drop Python 2 compatibility new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#23943 Audit tests decorated with unittest.expectedFailure new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#23951 SafeExceptionReporterFilter does not have a way to filter and redact exception messages new nobody New feature master
#23976 ValidationError crashes if initialized with a list of empty dicts new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#23985 URLValidator optional schemes causes backward incompatible changes new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.7
#24312 Make it possible to import models safely at any time new nobody New feature master
#24313 Deprecate the class_prepared signal new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#24322 Increase consistency in the app registry assigned aaugustin Cleanup/optimization master
#24336 static server should skip for protocol-relative STATIC_URL assigned farrepa Cleanup/optimization master
#24349 Limit URL domain name labels to 63 characters new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#24526 Default logging config filters out anything below ERROR for django.request/ loggers new timgraham Cleanup/optimization master
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