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#4140 oracle: syncdb fails with ORA-06552 when a fieldname is a keyword new Bug master
#4282 startproject should honor umask assigned merb New feature master
#7556 inspectdb fails in MySql if a table references a table outside the current schema assigned brockweaver Bug master
#9990 Management shell autocomplete breaks PYTHONSTARTUP autocomplete new nobody Bug master
#12221 Allow custom management commands to define bash completion arguments new nobody New feature 1.1
#13291 Allow `color_style()` and `parse_color_setting()` to be used with custom colour palettes. new nobody New feature master
#17096 Strengthen the makemessages command's safe-guarding of po files new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.3
#18243 Management shell should make it easy to force LOGGING_CONFIG=None new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.3
#18296 Make creating apps inside project folder more intuitive with startapp command new vanessagomes Cleanup/optimization 1.5
#19806 django_bash_completion clobbers upstream completion of ‘python’ new Bug 1.4
#20551 Duplicate fixture labels new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#21429 BaseCommand should use logging instead of custom output wrappers new New feature master
#21906 dumpdata should not use router.allow_migrate new Bug 1.5
#21978 Add optional gunicorn support to runserver assigned Berker Peksag New feature master
#22259 Per row result for dumpdata new nobody New feature master
#22449 Colorize output of test results assigned Jake Rothenbuhler New feature master
#22617 Allow to fix translation -> Fix makemessages to not delete debug data and hide errors (and all similar modules using "msgmerge") new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#22775 Management command sqlall should support unmanaged models new nobody New feature master
#23318 Management command dbshell does not use DATABASE[...]['OPTIONS'] to set env PGOPTIONS assigned Flavio Curella New feature master
#24475 Add a new testconnections management command assigned Alex Morozov New feature master
#24481 Improve sqlmigrate to be more flexible and allow bypassing migrations on disk assigned Andrew Godwin New feature master
#24680 In testing, warnings appear when loading database-specific fixtures new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#24711 Allow flush management command to drop tables and re-run migrations new nobody New feature master
#25243 inspectdb crashes if SQLite foreign key references sqlite_master new nobody Bug 1.8
#25264 Misleading list of options available for commands new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#27060 Take indexes into account in inspectdb command new New feature master
#27670 Genuine ImportError masked by exception handling code when loading shell assigned Peter Inglesby Bug 1.10
#27747 Add signals for Django management commands new nobody New feature master
#27787 call_command() should validate the arguments it receives assigned Chandrakant Kumar Cleanup/optimization master
#27877 Management command exceptions should be logged new New feature 1.11
#27881 Add "unified diff" output mode to diffsettings management command new nobody New feature master
#27909 Use AUTH_USER_MODEL in startproject template new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.10
#27954 Prevent PostgreSQL dbshell from exiting on CTRL-C assigned nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.10
#27978 Allow loaddata to read data from stdin assigned Pavel Kulikov New feature master
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