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#6989 Inability to define DNS_NAME in django.core.mail results in e-mail messages being rejected or marked as spam new nobody Bug master Normal
#12666 Setting for sending email using localtime instead of UTC new nobody New feature 1.1 Normal
#13570 SMTP backend should try harder to figure out the local host name assigned sernin Bug 1.2 Normal
#13694 SafeMIMEText argument names incompatible with those from MIMEText assigned ramiro Bug master Normal
#17193 Send templated email. new julianapplebaum New feature Normal
#20743 Support keyfile/certfile in SMTP connections assigned andialbrecht New feature master Normal
#22161 Sending an email with no recipients fails silently new nobody Bug 1.6 Normal
#22561 EmailMessage should respect RFC2822 on max line length new nobody Bug 1.6 Normal
#22734 Move SMTP / email settings to a dictionary new nobody Cleanup/optimization master Normal
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