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#16011 Improve Django documentation search engine results relevancy new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.3
#16877 documentation code blocks cropped on mobile browsers new nobody Bug 1.3
#18633 Can't use parenthesis in Documentation search bar new nobody Bug 1.4
#18922 Proliferation of dev docs on search engines confuses newbies new dloewenherz Bug 1.4
#19739 Implement accessibility for the visually impaired new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#20458 Add a "My Tickets" report to the Django Trac new Cleanup/optimization
#20857 Improve the performance of Trac new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#20885 Clarify who is in copy for the various mailboxes of the foundation. new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#21780 Search highlighting on produces weird results when words overlap new nobody Bug master
#22067 bug system "captcha" prompt is misleading new nobody Cleanup/optimization
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