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#17419 Add a JSON template filter mike@…, Florian Apolloner, adrian.macneil@…, sergeimaertens@…, nate-djangoproject@… new Aymeric Augustin New feature Template system
#18855 persist a socket across reloads of the dev server unai@…, Florian Apolloner assigned Dan LaMotte New feature HTTP handling
#17943 Too many open file descriptors while using memcache Florian Apolloner assigned Przemek Lewandowski Bug Core (Cache system)
#19227 Reorganize method flowchart for class based generic views to tree Florian Apolloner assigned jambonrose Cleanup/optimization Documentation
#12090 Show admin actions on the edit pages too Jannis Leidel, Carl Meyer, Danilo Bargen, jgmize, Florian Apolloner assigned jgmize New feature contrib.admin
#27620 Add a TransactionMiddleware Florian Apolloner assigned luojiebin New feature Core (Other)
#15015 Mixing read-only with ability to add new instances using a FormSet Florian Apolloner, jdunck@…, wiml@… new nobody New feature Forms
#21227 Selenium tests terminate with [Errno 10054] Florian Apolloner new nobody Bug Testing framework
#22079 TestClient serialization of GET params with empty list as value gregchapple1@…, Florian Apolloner new nobody Bug Testing framework
#24572 Migration plan may be broken when applying migrations on a clean database Florian Apolloner, Shai Berger new nobody Bug Migrations
#26481 Add a "strict mode" for defer()/only() to prevent queries on unfetched field access me@…, Florian Apolloner new nobody New feature Database layer (models, ORM)
#27659 Arbritrary file overrides in startproject/app template extraction Florian Apolloner new nobody Bug Utilities
#27982 Possible bug related to queryset union Florian Apolloner new nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM)
#27029 Make EmailValidator accept non-ASCII characters Florian Apolloner assigned Wout De Puysseleir Cleanup/optimization Core (Other)
#11383 Admin action 'Delete selected' check only global model delete permission barton@…, Florian Apolloner, bas@…, IanMLewis@…, nils@…, kmike84@…, adi@…, tomc new Bug contrib.admin
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