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#7125 Multiple ForeignKeys to the same model produces wrong SQL statements. Jacob closed Database layer (models, ORM)
#7318 extends tag fails with an IndexError when parent template consists only of a TextNode (has patch) Matthias Kestenholz closed Template system
#7954 The value of post_url is unused in ModelAdmin.add_view nobody closed contrib.admin
#9997 Nested queries support: Field for ValuesListQuerySet (flat=True) gets lost in query construction Malcolm Tredinnick closed Database layer (models, ORM)
#10030 Typo in new admin documentation (r9739) Tim Graham closed Documentation
#10461 Annotation and generic relations do not work well together fhahn Bug closed Database layer (models, ORM)
#10522 generic_inlineformset_factory's exclude option should accept tuples too nobody closed Contrib apps
#10698 Admin code overwrites property of models in inlineformsets nobody closed contrib.admin
#10825 Template filter date 'U' raises an AttributeError under certain circumstances Michael Radziej closed Template system
#11531 Remove unused file django/contrib/admin/media/js/dateparse.js nobody Cleanup/optimization closed contrib.admin
#12418 object_detail ObjectDoesNotExist message isn't unicode nobody Bug closed Generic views
#13293 r12900 breaks extra() with additional select clauses (Only applies to MySQL SQLCompiler) nobody closed Database layer (models, ORM)
#13298 Test admin_views.ReadonlyTest.test_readonly_get is broken nobody closed contrib.admin
#14851 rev14844 breaks Django completely nobody closed Core (Other)
#15106 label[for] attributes aren't updated when dynamically creating new inlines nobody closed contrib.admin
#15703 Testsuite failure: django.utils.datastructures nobody closed Core (Other)
#15721 {% include %} and RequestContext fails since r15795 Chris Beaven Bug closed Template system
#15971 The titles of admin list_filters aren't translated anymore nobody Bug closed contrib.admin
#16540 rev16487 breaks InlineModelAdmin prepopulated_fields nobody Bug closed contrib.admin
#17832 - purelib comment nobody Cleanup/optimization closed Core (Other)
#21112 Sitemaps without lastmod dates are broken (Django 1.7 / master only) nobody Bug closed contrib.sitemaps
#21715 Cannot run tests with the new changes on @master anymore nobody Bug closed Core (Other)
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