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#9602 Add manipulation methods anonymous assigned New feature contrib.admin master
#9638 Add %(app_label)s to the related_name format string for abstract models anonymous closed Core (Other) 1.0
#11136 add button to related field in admin to be put only if user is authorized to add anonymous closed Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin 1.0
#17048 Add Docs for Guidelines for Upgrading an Existing Project's Django anonymous closed New feature Documentation master
#22287 Add method to RegistrationProfile to verify if the user has activated anonymous closed Cleanup/optimization Uncategorized 1.4
#18872 Add prefix attribute to FormMixin anonymous closed New feature Generic views master
#14451 add related_name to contrib.auth.models.User for 'groups' anonymous closed New feature contrib.auth 1.2
#22019 add section for definitive Model.objects documentation anonymous closed Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.6
#19177 Add some ems to the width of username label at login page. anonymous closed Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin master
#21260 Admin history needs proxy model instead of concrete model anonymous closed Bug contrib.admin master
#15961 Admin search should be pluggable anonymous closed New feature contrib.admin 1.3
#5538 assertRedirects should assume http://testserver if it isn't provided anonymous closed Testing framework master
#19675 "At A Glance" does not say where to put "sitelogo.gif" anonymous closed Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.4
#7591 Authenticate By Email Support anonymous closed Uncategorized contrib.auth master
#13903 Auto app_label creation fails when model is defined at top-level python modules anonymous closed Cleanup/optimization Database layer (models, ORM) master
#17650 BaseForm doesn't implement __contains__ anonymous closed Cleanup/optimization Forms 1.4-alpha-1
#19619 BooleanField returning integer instead of Boolean anonymous closed Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.4
#4156 broken URLs to tutorials in 0.96 docs anonymous closed * 0.96
#13830 Change one of province name in Indonesian localflavour anonymous closed contrib.localflavor 1.2
#21740 uses mutable default arguments, which is bad practice anonymous closed Cleanup/optimization Testing framework master
#2253 Combining QuerySets via | operator does not always work anonymous closed defect Database layer (models, ORM) master
#20822 Content type of default error pages should be always "text/html" anonymous closed Bug HTTP handling 1.5
#17666 current_app can not be overridden in template anonymous closed New feature contrib.admin 1.3
#14232 date_list context variable incorrectly documented anonymous closed Documentation master
#4987 DecimalField not documented anonymous closed Documentation master
#12777 Decimal fields aren't correctly localized anonymous closed Translations master
#7220 django.contrib.auth.models.AbstractBaseUser.last_login should allow null=True anonymous closed Cleanup/optimization contrib.auth master
#3350 Django should call time.tzset after setting TZ environment variable. anonymous closed Core (Other) master
#16758 Documentation for TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS could use additional warning. anonymous closed Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.3
#11882 Documentation missing for django.contrib.admin.ModelAdmin.formfield_for_manytomany anonymous closed Documentation 1.1
#12817 email validator is maybe too stingy (user@hostname fails) anonymous closed Bug Core (Other) 1.1
#14795 Empty Superuser Permissions anonymous closed contrib.auth master
#4910 Enable smart_str encoding of email text attachments anonymous closed Core (Mail) master
#21022 Ensure URL naming is always preferred everywhere in the docs anonymous closed Cleanup/optimization Documentation master
#16458 Equality operator on django.db.models.Model not commutative anonymous closed Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.3
#13693 error_messages for fields in Model don't carry over to ModelForm anonymous closed New feature Forms 1.4
#3921 Error report - Your first Django app, part 1,2 anonymous closed Documentation 0.96
#13703 'errors' should be made a reserved word anonymous closed Database layer (models, ORM) 1.2
#2522 Error when 2 foreign keys to same Model w/ edit_inline=True anonymous closed defect contrib.admin 0.95
#19719 Example in documentation saves an unbounded form anonymous closed Bug Documentation 1.4
#2166 faq.txt - Consider to pipe into dbshell to clear data anonymous closed enhancement Documentation master
#8348 Feature request: -n/--no-act option to syncdb anonymous closed New feature Core (Management commands) master
#4062 ffffffffffffffffffffffff anonymous closed Uncategorized master
#4064 fgdsfg anonymous closed Core (Management commands) newforms branch
#9433 File locking broken on AFP mounts anonymous new Bug File uploads/storage master
#14240 filesizeformat should localize number anonymous closed Template system 1.2
#8501 file storage should allow saving of basic file-like objects anonymous closed New feature File uploads/storage master
#6069 Fix auto-escaping Password-Change-Link in Admin anonymous closed contrib.admin master
#4680 Fixes problem in initial_sql where "--" is in a string anonymous closed Bug Core (Management commands) master
#14080 Flatpages pt-br translation anonymous closed Translations 1.2
#6893 FormWizard does not set the step value correctly anonymous closed contrib.formtools master
#7959 "Free comment" is translated as "fomentário" in pt_BR locale anonymous closed Translations 1.0-alpha
#22352 GeoQuerySet methods: support lookups on reversed o2o relationships as field_name anonymous closed New feature GIS master
#22490 get_object within a syndication Feed has no tests anonymous new Bug contrib.syndication master
#10328 get_script_path and request.path_info undocumented anonymous closed Documentation master
#17410 hall ticket anonymous closed Bug * 1.3-rc
#5447 has_{add,change,delete}_permission not working correctly anonymous closed contrib.admin newforms-admin
#18535 help anonymous closed Uncategorized Uncategorized 1.4
#21307 humanize tests depend on a test case mixin defined on tests/i18n/ anonymous closed Bug Testing framework master
#12627 If all fields are readonly or editable=False, their ModelForm is always valid and can raise exceptions anonymous new Bug contrib.admin master
#16722 import psycopg2.Error breaks psycopg2 backend anonymous closed Bug Database layer (models, ORM) master
#4164 Inaccurate tags recognition anonymous closed Template system master
#7197 Incorrect use of IEXACT in manipulator_validator_unique_together anonymous closed Database layer (models, ORM) master
#5295 Inner Join and order_by bug anonymous closed Database layer (models, ORM) master
#10319 Installation: macports different now anonymous closed Documentation 1.0
#22822 Javascript en_* translations ignored if no en or en_us translations exist anonymous closed Bug Internationalization 1.6
#5216 Lazy Translation label_tag in new forms anonymous closed Forms master
#20351 make chm format documentation anonymous closed Bug Documentation 1.5
#14020 Make HttpResponse.get work like dict.get anonymous closed New feature HTTP handling master
#16049 Make runserver reuse listening socket anonymous closed New feature Core (Management commands) master
#16656 Make urlize TLDs configurable anonymous closed New feature Template system 1.3
#8395 Mein neuer Superfehler verändert anonymous closed Testing framework other branch
#10646 memcached's incr and decr should throw ValueError if keys don't exist anonymous closed Core (Cache system) 1.1-beta
#21763 Misleading Error: 'ManyRelatedManager' object has no attribute 'add' anonymous closed Cleanup/optimization Database layer (models, ORM) master
#16275 missing from __future__ import with_statement in tests anonymous closed Bug Testing framework master
#5688 missing word in Windows install instructions anonymous closed Documentation master
#6257 mistake in it/ anonymous closed contrib.localflavor master
#15030 ModelAdmin media docs don't mention STATIC_URL anonymous closed Documentation master
#21798 Model validation should complain if both `add_now` and `auto_add_now` are specified. anonymous closed Cleanup/optimization Database layer (models, ORM) master
#18304 MySQL generates an unecessary select when updating inherited models anonymous closed Bug Database layer (models, ORM) master
#4004 Need a newforms.FloatField field anonymous closed Forms master
#14237 Old version string on the download page + auto checker proposal anonymous closed *
#4448 OpenCalendar should get its current value from the date field it edits anonymous closed contrib.admin master
#7371 Ordering on a ForeignKey with an existing default ordering and a custom primary key does not generate a JOIN in the SQL. anonymous closed Database layer (models, ORM) master
#8907 ORM-level Caching anonymous closed Core (Cache system) 1.0
#8425 Palau, Federated States of Micronesia and Marshall Islands are soverign nations and should not be included in the USStateField anonymous closed Database layer (models, ORM) master
#9213 PasswordResetForm should not reset passwords for inactive users anonymous closed contrib.auth 1.3-alpha
#14584 PASSWORD_RESET_TIMEOUT_DAYS is not documented anonymous closed Documentation master
#3329 [patch] Catalan translation anonymous closed Internationalization master
#109 Patch: Customizing Date(Time)Field displays anonymous closed defect contrib.admin
#2173 [patch] faq.txt - Wrong text for a link. anonymous closed defect Documentation master
#1222 [patch] magic-removal: some magic still lurking in django.views.generic.create_update anonymous closed task Testing framework 0.91
#2169 "Please correct the error below." With No Shown Errors anonymous closed defect contrib.admin master
#8438 porting guide - 0.96 to 1.0 anonymous closed Documentation master
#17838 prefetch_related fails for GenericForeignKeys when related object id is not a CharField/TextField anonymous closed Bug contrib.contenttypes master
#17763 Problem with auth_permission name length anonymous closed Bug contrib.auth 1.0
#16521 Provide keyboard shortcuts in admin anonymous assigned New feature contrib.admin 1.3
#5996 psycopg2 raises "can't adapt" error where other backends work happily anonymous closed Database layer (models, ORM) master
#17051 RegexValidator.message is not used anonymous closed Bug Forms 1.3
#22873 Rename BaseDatabaseWrapper.use_debug_cursor to force_debug_cursor anonymous closed Cleanup/optimization Database layer (models, ORM) master
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