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#8268 admin_scripts test doesn't take into account the JYTHONPATH environment variable jython Leo Soto M. closed Testing framework
#8047 admin_scripts tests doesn't work on Jython jython Jacob closed Testing framework
#8326 Basic Django/Jython documentation jython Jacob closed Documentation
#5317 __builtins__ isn't available in Jython jython Malcolm Tredinnick closed Internationalization
#5445 Checking iterables by looking for a __iter__ attribute doesn't work on Jython jython, sprintsept14 nobody closed Core (Other)
#11483 DB Cache backend should use value_to_db_datetime() on datetime values jython nobody closed Core (Cache system)
#7560 Delegate (most) type conversion to backends jython db-be-api Malcolm Tredinnick closed Database layer (models, ORM)
#8147 Development server reloading on Jython jython nobody closed Core (Other)
#19417 Django 1.4.2 does not support Jython 2.5.3 (strptime issue) strptime jython forms datetimefield nobody Bug closed Documentation
#11621 Django copies .pyo files for a new project/app jython nobody closed Core (Other)
#6857 django.dispatch.robustapply does not work on jython jython pypy nobody closed Core (Other)
#5664 django.dispatch.saferef doesn't work on Jython jython nobody closed Uncategorized
#7441 Doctest OutputChecker for xml and json jython nobody closed Testing framework
#7751 Don't assume that connection.autocommit is a callable jython, db-be-api nobody closed Uncategorized
#10144 get_comment_app calls __import__ with strings instead of dictionaries for 2nd and 3rd arguments comments jython Jacob Fenwick closed Testing framework
#7456 IndexError message should not be checked (for Jython compatibility) jython nobody closed Testing framework
#5319 Java is another special case for terminal colors jython Adrian Holovaty closed Core (Management commands)
#5443 Jython has no os.access (nor os.chmod) jython sprintsept14 nobody closed contrib.admin
#5486 Jython has no os.getpid jython nobody closed Uncategorized
#20517 Jython support is not as complete as indicated Jython, afraid-to-commit Daniele Procida Bug closed Documentation
#5444 Dynamically created classes should be types jython nobody closed Uncategorized
#14298 maximum open cursors exceeded on Jython and Oracle Oracle Jython xoror Bug closed Database layer (models, ORM)
#10103 model_forms doctest uses dict literals jython nobody closed Uncategorized
#8067 model_formsets test uses dict literals jython Brian Rosner closed Testing framework
#10071 month and day lookup arguments should be integers jython nobody closed Database layer (models, ORM)
#12578 multipartparser.Parser does not accept non-canonical bare CR and bare LF jython nobody closed HTTP handling
#5548 os.getpid() workaround for jython missing on the recent session refactoring jython nobody closed Uncategorized
#12907 Problems with django admin on Jython with custom user models jython nobody Bug closed Database layer (models, ORM)
#8100 Re-enable isatty() on Jython jython nobody closed Testing framework
#7440 regressiontests/dispatch/test_dispatcher assumes instantaneous gc jython nobody closed Testing framework
#28954 Remove Jython code and documentation jython obsolete nobody Cleanup/optimization closed Core (Other)
#7981 serializers_regress test doesn't properly leave transaction management jython nobody closed Testing framework
#7366 Some doctests still use dicts repr on output jython nobody closed Testing framework
#5546 Split newforms tests jython nobody closed Forms
#7303 tests/regressiontests/utils/ builtin dict ordering is assumed jython nobody closed Uncategorized
#5560 unicode lazy strings don't work on Jython jython nobody closed Uncategorized
#23111 Vendor inspect.getcallargs for Jython 2.7 support jython,template nobody Bug closed Template system
#5442 Workaround for jython isclass() bug jython, sprintsept14 nobody closed Testing framework
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