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#651 Allow directories in filename argument to save_<fieldname>_file fs-rf-fixed Philippe Raoult enhancement closed normal
#1994 [patch] Custom upload_to per instance of FileField fs-rf-fixed nobody enhancement closed normal
#3567 Many to One Relationship w/ just ImageField() fs-rf-fixed Marty Alchin closed
#3621 FileField in admin broken with sqlite3 sqlite3 FileField unique admin, fs-rf-fixed Marty Alchin closed
#4345 FileField cannot be used with unique=True fs-rf-fixed Marty Alchin Bug closed
#5361 Support pluggable backends for FileField fs-rf-fixed Marty Alchin closed
#5655 FileField's _save_FIELD_file method evaluates the directory once for creating the directory, then again for creating the file fs-rf-fixed Marty Alchin closed
#6450 Incorrect directory creation in _save_FIELD_file file directory creation fs-rf-fixed nobody closed
#7156 win32 support in model._get_FIELD_filename() fs-rf-fixed nobody closed
#7415 FileFields have wrong url in admin under Windows, when using upload_to path windows filefield fs-rf-fixed Marty Alchin closed
#8095 prefilled image upload_to directory needed image, image upload, image path, image url, fs-rf-fixed nobody closed
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