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#7028 Better admin raw_id_fields feedback raw-id-fields nfa-someday design_ux raw_id_fields nobody New feature closed
#9976 Generic Foreign Keys should have a nice widget(ala raw_id) design_ux raw_id_fields New feature new
#11700 actions and list_editables in popups problematic design_ux, sprintdec2010 Simon Meers Uncategorized closed
#12491 help_text for checkbox badly aligned if not on its own line help_text design_ux Ramiro Morales Bug closed
#12509 Feature: Selector Inlines design_ux Zain Memon New feature new
#12646 Flawed error display in admin when using fieldsets. design_ux nobody closed
#12680 Floating submitbuttons submitbotton design_ux nobody New feature closed
#12701 "Tooltips" in admin list view design_ux nobody New feature closed
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