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File adding-admin.diff, 763 bytes (added by arien, 14 years ago)

Patch to fix the apparently confusing instructions.

  • docs/intro/tutorial02.txt

    9797But where's our poll app? It's not displayed on the admin index page.
    9999Just one thing to do: We need to tell the admin that ``Poll``
    100 objects have an admin interface. Edit the ``mysite/polls/admin.py`` file and
    101 add the following to the bottom of the file::
     100objects have an admin interface. Create a file called ``admin.py`` in your
     101``polls`` application and edit it to look like this::
     103    from django.contrib import admin
    103104    from mysite.polls.models import Poll
    104     from django.contrib import admin
    106106    admin.site.register(Poll)
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