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  • docs/i18n.txt

    180180    class MyThing(models.Model):
    181181        name = models.CharField(help_text=_('This is the help text'))
    183 Always use lazy translations in `Django models`_. It's a good idea to add
    184 translations for the field names and table names, too. This means writing
    185 explicit ``verbose_name`` and ``verbose_name_plural`` options in the ``Meta``
    186 class, though::
     183Always use lazy translations in `Django models`_.  Field names and table names
     184must be marked for translation otherwise they will not be translated in the
     185admin interface. This means writing explicit ``verbose_name`` and
     186``verbose_name_plural`` options in the ``Meta`` class, though::
    188188    from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy as _
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