Ticket #6752: template_safe_string_note.diff

File template_safe_string_note.diff, 641 bytes (added by Joshua Russo, 8 years ago)

Added a note to the safe string filter text

  • docs/ref/templates/builtins.txt

    16831683Marks a string as not requiring further HTML escaping prior to output. When
    16841684autoescaping is off, this filter has no effect.
     1686.. note::
     1687        If you are chaining filters and ``safe`` is not the last filter it will
     1688        have no effect.
     1690        For example, in the following the ``escape`` filter makes the string no
     1691        longer ``safe``::
     1693                {{ myVar|safe|escape }}
    16861695.. templatefilter:: safeseq
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