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description of the 'singular' argument in the docs

  • model-api.txt

    621621                             vertically).
    623623    ``limit_choices_to``     See the description under ``ForeignKey`` above.
     625    ``singular``             The singular name of the field, which is used to make
     626                             the ``get`` methods.  Normally, using the example given
     627                             above, Django would give the Pizza objects methods
     628                             like ``get_topping_list()`` where ``topping`` is the
     629                             singular and is derived from the lowercase version of the
     630                             class being linked to.  Use the 'singular' parameter to
     631                             change this - you need this if you have more than one
     632                             ManyToMany relationship to the same class.
    624633    =======================  ============================================================
    626635One-to-one relationships
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