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Adds documentation for page argument against r6243

  • docs/generic_views.txt

    699699      displayed per page. If this is given, the view will paginate objects with
    700700      ``paginate_by`` objects per page. The view will expect either a ``page``
    701701      query string parameter (via ``GET``) or a ``page`` variable specified in
    702       the URLconf. See "Notes on pagination" below.
     702      the URLconf. See `Notes on pagination`_ below.
     704    * ``page``: The current page number, as an integer. This is 1-based.
     705      See `Notes on pagination`_ below.
    704707    * ``template_name``: The full name of a template to use in rendering the
    705708      page. This lets you override the default template name (see below).
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