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1<!DOCTYPE kdeveloptoc>
3<title>Django Documentation</title>
4<base href="http://www.djangoproject.com/documentation/"/>
5<tocsect1 name="Essential Documentation" url="documentation/">
6        <tocsect2 name="Django Overview" url="overview/"/>
7        <tocsect2 name="Installation Guide" url="install/"/>
8        <tocsect2 name="Tutorial" />
9                <tocsect3 name="Part 1: Initialization, creating models, the database API" url="tutorial1/"/>
10                <tocsect3 name="Part 2: Exploring the automatically-generated admin site" url="tutorial2/"/>
11                <tocsect3 name="Part 3: Creating the public interface views" url="tutorial3/"/>
12                <tocsect3 name="Part 4: Simple form processing and generic views" url="tutorial4/"/>
13        <tocsect2 name="FAQ" url="faq/"/>
14        <tocsect2 name="Documentation" url="documentation/"/>
16<tocsect1 name="Reference">
17        <tocsect2 name="Utilities" url="django_admin/"/>
18        <tocsect2 name="Models" />
19                <tocsect3 name="Creating models" url="model_api/"/>
20                <tocsect3 name="Examples" url="models/"/>
21                <tocsect3 name="The database API" url="db_api/"/>
22                <tocsect3 name="Transactions" url="transactions/"/>
23        <tocsect2 name="Templates" />
24                <tocsect3 name="Guide for HTML authors" url="templates/"/>
25                <tocsect3 name="Guide for Python programmers" url="templates_python/"/>
26        <tocsect2 name="Forms and Manipulators" url="forms/"/>
27                <tocsect3 name="The newforms Library" url="newforms/"/>
28        <tocsect2 name="Sessions" url="sessions" />
29        <tocsect2 name="Caching" url="cache/"/>
30        <tocsect2 name="Internationalization" url="i18n/"/>
31        <tocsect2 name="Middleware" url="middleware/" />
32        <tocsect2 name="Settings Files" url="settings/"/>
33        <tocsect2 name="URL Configuration" url="url_dispatch/"/>
34        <tocsect2 name="Request and Response Objects" url="request_response/" />
35        <tocsect2 name="Generic Views" url="generic_views/"/>
36        <tocsect2 name="Authentication" url="authentication/"/>
37        <tocsect2 name="Add-on Applications (contrib)" url="add_ons/"/>
38                <tocsect3 name="Syndication Feeds (RSS and Atom)" url="syndication/"/>
39                <tocsect3 name="Flatpages" url="flatpages/"/>
40                <tocsect3 name="Redirects" url="redirects/"/>
41                <tocsect3 name="Sites" url="sites/"/>
42                <tocsect3 name="Sitemaps" url="sitemaps/"/>
44<tocsect1 name="Deployment">
45        <tocsect2 name="Using Django With mod_python" url="modpython/"/>
46        <tocsect2 name="Using Django With FastCGI" url="fastcgi/"/>
48<tocsect1 name="Solving Specific Problems">
49        <tocsect2 name="Authenticating against Django's user database from Apache" url="apache_auth/"/>
50        <tocsect2 name="Serving static/media files" url="static_files/"/>
51        <tocsect2 name="Sending e-mail" url="email/"/>
52        <tocsect2 name="Integrating with (introspecting) a legacy database" url="legacy_databases/"/>
53        <tocsect2 name="Outputting PDFs dynamically" url="outputting_pdfs/"/>
54        <tocsect2 name="Outputting CSV dynamically" url="outputting_csvc/"/>
56<tocsect1 name="Et cetera">
57        <tocsect2 name="Design Philosophies" url="design_philosophies/"/>
58        <tocsect2 name="How to contribute to Django" url="contributing/"/>
59        <tocsect2 name="Django admin CSS guide" url="admin_css/"/>
60        <tocsect2 name="API stability" url="api_stability/"/>
62<tocsect1 name="Release notes">
63        <tocsect2 name="Version 0.95" url="095_release_notes/"/>
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