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Patch for the change suggested by auzigog

  • docs/topics/auth.txt

    diff --git a/docs/topics/auth.txt b/docs/topics/auth.txt
    index 7c6b5a1..8cd3f7d 100644
    a b processing at the first positive match. 
    17811781    Once a user has authenticated, Django stores which backend was used to
    17821782    authenticate the user in the user's session, and re-uses the same backend
    1783     for subsequent authentication attempts for that user. This effectively means
    1784     that authentication sources are cached, so if you change
     1783    for the duration of that session whenever access to the currently
     1784    authenticated user is needed. This effectively means that authentication
     1785    sources are cached on a per-session basis, so if you change
    17851786    :setting:`AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS`, you'll need to clear out session data if
    17861787    you need to force users to re-authenticate using different methods. A simple
    17871788    way to do that is simply to execute ``Session.objects.all().delete()``.
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