Ticket #1573: search_form.diff

File search_form.diff, 727 bytes (added by James Bennett, 12 years ago)

Patch to add "for" attribute on label

  • search_form.html

    33{% if cl.lookup_opts.admin.search_fields %}
    44<div id="toolbar"><form id="changelist-search" action="" method="get">
    55<div><!-- DIV needed for valid HTML -->
    6 <label><img src="{% admin_media_prefix %}img/admin/icon_searchbox.png" alt="Search" /></label>
     6<label for="searchbar"><img src="{% admin_media_prefix %}img/admin/icon_searchbox.png" alt="Search" /></label>
    77<input type="text" size="40" name="{{ search_var }}" value="{{ cl.query|escape }}" id="searchbar" />
    88<input type="submit" value="{% trans 'Go' %}" />
    99{% if show_result_count %}
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