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Improvements to model validation docs

1Index: docs/ref/models/instances.txt
3--- docs/ref/models/instances.txt       (revision 12833)
4+++ docs/ref/models/instances.txt       (working copy)
5@@ -34,12 +34,18 @@
7 .. versionadded:: 1.2
9-There are three steps in validating a model, and all three are called by a
10-model's ``full_clean()`` method. Most of the time, this method will be called
11-automatically by a ``ModelForm``. (See the :ref:`ModelForm documentation
12-<topics-forms-modelforms>` for more information.) You should only need to call
13-``full_clean()`` if you plan to handle validation errors yourself.
14+There are three steps in validating a model:
16+    * Validate the model fields
17+    * Validate the model as a whole
18+    * Validate the field uniqueness
20+All three steps are performed by a model's ``full_clean()`` method.
21+Most of the time, each step is performed automatically via the is_valid method of ``ModelForm``. (See the :ref:`ModelForm documentation <topics-forms-modelforms>`
22+for more information.)
23+You should only need to call a model's ``full_clean()`` method if you plan to
24+handle validation errors yourself.
26 .. method:: Model.full_clean(exclude=None)
28 This method calls ``Model.clean_fields()``, ``Model.clean()``, and
29@@ -52,9 +58,8 @@
30 validated since any errors raised could not be corrected by the user.
32 Note that ``full_clean()`` will NOT be called automatically when you call
33-your model's ``save()`` method. You'll need to call it manually if you want
34-to run model validation outside of a ``ModelForm``. (This is for backwards
36+your model's ``save()`` method, nor through ``ModelForm`` validation.
37+You'll need to call it manually when you want to run model validation outside of a ``ModelForm``. (This is for backwards compatibility.)
39 Example::
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